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The girl in the window

Reporter Lane DeGregory's Pulitzer Prize winning story of a 7-year-old girl, unable to speak or feed herself, found in a filthy, roach-infested room, her diaper overflowing.
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59th Annual Green Eyeshade Awards: Best Use Of Multimedia First Place


A mystery, is the right man in jail for a murder? My design was insprired by the large box of file folders that news artist Don Morris carried around as he worked on this story.
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2008 SND: Award of Excellence for Non-Breaking News | 58th Annual Green Eyeshade Awards: Best Use Of Multimedia First Place New Media | Florida Society of Newspaper Editors: Multimedia: Third Place

Zoo Story

The challenge was not to give away the plot twists in this 9-part series by Thomas French. Instead the online report dealt with the larger themes and issues of a behind the scenes look at Tampa's Lowry Park Zoo.
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58th Annual Green Eyeshade Awards: Online Feature Reporting Third Place

The Spark of Genius

A look back at the making of Beatles' Sgt. Pepper with sound engineer Geoff Emerick by Christopher Ave. I created a 1960s influenced design and an interactive graphic identifying every person and object on the Sgt. Pepper's album cover. View story

2007 SND Multimedia Design Competition: Monthly winner

Portraits of American Voters

Every four years in November the nation elects a president, vice president, and a host of other leaders. In 2004, we asked some Tampa Bay residents about some of the issues foremost in their minds. View story

Dark Highway

Was Kevin McGinley's death an accident? Or was something more sinister involved? The project contains video depositions, audio and diagrams from a deadly crash a decade ago that claimed a young man's life after a night in Ybor City. View story

Long Form Journalism Design

The girl whose mother lives in the sky

They are children of fire, the youngest members of Southeast Asian refugee families who have come to America after enduring war and chaos. Only 3 or 4 years old, they must learn to adapt to their new country. So every day, they ride a bus to a small preschool in St. Petersburg. View story

28 Seconds

28... 27... It happened in little more than the time it will take you to read this paragraph. A routine flight in the world’s most widely used jetliner, the Boeing 737. 19... 18... It felt like turbulence at first, but then the plane twisted left, and it was clear something was wrong. 6... 5... Twisting, turning. What the hell is this? Impact. View story

The Deuces

Neon glittered and energy crackled like a hot jazz band on The Deuces, once the busiest and most popular thoroughfare in the black community. The desolate Manhattan Casino building was once its heart. Could such a place live again? View story

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