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ABC's Lost finale

The concept was to create campaign style buttons for the “candidates” — the characters that were chosen to be the replacement caretaker for the mysterious island.
'Lost' finale faces dilemma familiar to fans of other iconic series

Achew, Achew!

An illustration of four kinds of sneezers. Did you ever wonder if the way a person sneezes says something about him or her? Turns out, it can.
Researcher defines four categories of sneezers

Magic Maple Cinnamon Sugar

Label design for glass jar.

Witches' Brew

A Halloween themed label for a spice mix to be added to juice or cider.

The Spark of Genius

An illustration representing the Beatles in 1967 during the time that Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart Club Band was recorded.
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Photo/illustration of file folders created for animated user interface for multimedia report.
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